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Alex Le Tissier doesn’t care that Saints fans hate her as OnlyFans earnings rocket

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been three weeks since Alex Le Tissier opened up about her financial woes and family feuds – and she says she’s now having the last laugh after making thousands on OnlyFans

It’s only been three weeks since the daughter-in-law of Matt Le Tissier spoke publicly about joining OnlyFans after struggling to feed her four kids.

And in a bombshell interview with the Daily Star she accused the former Southampton legend of calling her a “bad mum” for stripping off online.

But Alex Le Tissier, who also starred in Olivia Attwood’s Getting Filthy Rich documentary earlier this month, is now having the last laugh – despite Saints fans abusing her online.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the Babestation model, who is married to Le Tissier’s son, Mitch, said: “I’ve had so many new subscribers and I was getting a sub every minute at one point, it was crazy!

“I’ve gotten a couple more thousand and it’s been mad. It’s not the end of the month yet so I don’t want to put a number on it and jink it but I will have earned nearly four times the amount I usually make.”

She charges fans approximately £4 per month to view her racy content, which means she will have made at least £8,000 from new fans in the last three weeks alone.

But after speaking out against Le Tissier, who she claimed asked her to change her surname, Southampton fans have been quick to target her.

“They are just so mean to me,” the 30-year-old laughed. “But every time I post a picture of me in a Saints kit I get more subscribers.

“When the documentary came out and I was in the press there were so many Saints fans slagging me off on my timeline.

“It’s fine because I don’t really know these people but it was a bit intense at times.

“I feel like a lot of Southampton fans hated me anyway. I don’t know what it is about football Twitter, they are just so mean.

“There are still a tonne of them that love me but 90% hate me.”

Alex is a Southampton fan herself but is too busy catering to her new subscribers to worry about the stick.

She said her kinky page is now the first thing she checks in the morning and the last thing she looks at before bed.

And despite the negativity from footie trolls, Alex has been inundated with kind words.

She said: “Every day I have to pinch myself. It’s been really overwhelming in a good way.

“I’ve had strangers from all over the world message me for support and it’s been really nice.

“I didn’t expect it because you are used to getting so much abuse in this job. But this has been more positive than negative even though you remember the negative comments.”

Alex added: “I just want to keep pushing OnlyFans now and get bigger and better and continue with the Southampton stuff and do the best I can.

“I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Alex initially joined the raunchy site in lockdown after her and Mitch were considering using feedbanks to feed their children.

She earned £3,000 in her first month but claimed Le Tissier was not supportive of her.

And speaking of the reaction of Mitch’s parents earlier this month, she fumed: “I was most disappointed with his family’s reaction. They were not very nice about it. They asked me not to use my name and for a while I didn’t.

“At the time it was really hurtful. Prior to being married I kind of had built up my own – I don’t want to say fanbase – but my own little following on Instagram.

“I don’t have millions but I had 25,000 followers and that was all from blogging and I used to do influencer things around Southampton and that was before I got married.

“So I felt like I had built up my little platform without the name.

“Unless you knew us both already nobody knew I was dating Matt Le Tissier’s son because I’m just not that person.

“It was hurtful that a narrative was spun that I was using the name to gain clout and the money.”



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