Chiquibaby’s reaction to harsh criticism of the changes in Today

Chiquibaby’s reaction to harsh criticism of the changes in Today

and the host’s response to followers who wrote on her profile highly critical of the new phase of the Telemundo morning show.

The premiere of the new phase of Today gave it plenty to talk about.

While many applauded the changes, and their new poses and faces, others were not entirely satisfied.

They also made him known, not only on the show, but also as one of its most beloved hosts, Chiquibaby.

Instagram users quickly turned to her profile to say they missed her. They do not understand that they have been removed from the program to implement these changes.

Some reactions that Stephanie Hemonidos had no qualms about answering in the best possible way.

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One follower wrote: “You changed today, but you will be the best and you will be the best. This program no longer works.” The Mexican host replied, “It’s changes, love, and that was the best for me.”

She at all times remained positive and hopeful that better times would come. “That’s what they told me,” he replied to the encouragement of his fans, who insisted they didn’t understand much of the changes when they were already used to the previous team as spectators.

They asked, “What will happen? Why change?” Referring to Rebecca Smith and Nacho Lozano. “They’ll be fine, and the ones who are ready fall to their feet,” added the happy mom of Capri Blue.

Chiquibabe also made a face of not knowing or understanding when they asked him so many times about the new phase of what was once his programme. He doesn’t know the answer, but he has accepted reality and is enjoying all the good things that life continues to give him. His family, fans and home are among them.

“Hard working, honest, loyal, educated, empowering…and what follows,” she wrote next to a video showing herself more determined and confident than ever. She is open to every good thing that comes her way, and above all, she is determined to love herself a lot.

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