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Vans’ new ComfyCush Sneaker provides comfort in every sense of the word

Vans’ new ComfyCush Sneaker provides comfort in every sense of the word

Comfy and cute.

Vans ComfyCush Era sneakers: Like 'walking on a cloud'

Although I love all my shoes equally, I have been known to choose favourites. My favourite shoes of late? My sneakers. Ever since my current sneakers arrived on my doorstep, I’ve been wearing them absolutely everywhere.

My poor old loafers haven’t seen the light of day for months because my sneakers have been my go-to. When you’ve got a pair of sneakers that elevate your entire look and are comfortable enough to wear all day and all night, then why would you wear anything else?

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But because these sneakers have been my favourite for so long, unfortunately, they’re not in the greatest shape. Luckily, that’s where Vans’ latest creation, the Old Skool Overt ComfyCush Sneaker, enters the picture.

These sneakers have been specifically crafted to provide you with extreme comfort and support without compromising on aesthetics. If you’re already a Vans fan, then you’ll be happy to know that the Old Skool ComfyCush Sneaker doesn’t totally break away from the brand’s iconic style.

Instead, this style builds upon the original Old Skool silhouette by adding a 360-degree ComfyCush foam midsole, a removable insole for cushioning and a ComfyCush rubber outsole for traction. There’s increased foam in the tongue and collar for added support, and the shoe’s materials were specifically chosen to enhance airflow and breathability for your feet.

If you’re like me and build outfits based on both creativity and comfort, then this versatile sneaker will be a welcome addition to your everyday rotation. Sneakers don’t need to look cost an arm and a leg to be both fashionable and comfortable, they just need to have a clean silhouette, feel great, and be versatile enough to work with more than just your workout clothes.

Vans’ Old Skool Overt ComfyCush sneaker ticks all these boxes, so if this shoe ends up becoming your new favourite, then I honestly don’t blame you.

You can shop the Vans Old Skool Overt ComfyCush Sneaker

Why this Australian creative still wears her mum’s clothing from the ’80s
“I really like working different eras together to create outfits that feel authentically me.”

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that vintage fashion has well and truly made a comeback. Maybe it’s your friend who’s always wearing her mum’s secondhand leather jacket or your colleague whose boots were a lucky find at their local op shop – either way, vintage styles are all around us.

It’s almost become a point of pride to answer “Where did you get that?” with a casual shrug of the shoulder and offhand comment that you found it while mindlessly browsing the aisles of your local Vinnies (or your parent’s wardrobe).

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For a growing number of consumers, the days of impulsively buying fast fashion made overseas with environmentally-degrading materials are behind them. Now, these shoppers are more concerned with locally made items and sustainable materials and prioritise timeless pieces they can carry with them over the years.

Another vintage clothing drawcard is the sentimentality it evokes; there’s something special about the previous lives a pre-loved piece of clothing has lived. Australian heritage brand Country Road knows this all too well.

First released in 1984 as part of the brand’s first-ever menswear collection, the brand’s Chambray Shirt epitomises classic ’80s style with its oversized, unisex cut and denim wash. The reissued shirt is also part of the brand’s efforts to expand its range of Australian grown and made items, placing local manufacturing and responsibly sourced materials at the forefront of its ethos.

With a personal style that already pays homage to fashion from the ’60s to ’90s, Steph Lane, a content creator and the co-founder of vintage furniture business Goodspace, has a talent for pairing modern and vintage pieces. Whether it be a classic pair of jeans or a well-cut shirt, Steph’s love for vintage fashion sees her incorporating timeless pieces into her everyday outfits.

Yet why go op shopping if you can dig through a family member’s wardrobe? This week, Steph styled a week of outfits using Country Road’s timeless Chambray Shirt with vintage pieces from her mum’s wardrobe, showing the many different ways that retro and modern styles complement one another. Below, she shares some insight into her style.



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