Get away to the Competition Réclusiennes

Teachers, activists, researchers, artists and dedicated voters got here from all over the place France to wait those conferences. The pageant items 5 exhibitions: “Sanary, an get away from the vacuum of confinement” through photographer Helen Moulonger-Coutreau, “Appointment of Ladies” through Jacqueline D. “Évasion” through Maya Lamora.

Live shows have been held with Tribute Cream & Eric Clapton, or perhaps a jazz magnificence at Monségur School. Additionally dance with Traversis through Thierno Ndiaye.

In 4 days, 40 occasions apply each and every different at the theme “Let’s Get Away”. Get away from confinement puts. Escaping a bruised frame, escaping from social constraints, escaping from the confinement of concept, escaping from environmental power, escaping from order, “sufficient to go back and forth and free up creativeness and important considering.”

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