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Here’s a list of cars that said goodbye from Indonesia in 2022

The year 2022 has been terrible for a number of car models from various brands. The reason is that this year the cars will be euthanized and have to leave the country.

There are a series of ill-fated car models that will not be resold by the manufacturer. This is because they are no longer able to compete and their own existence has faded.

Curious about anything? The following is a list of cars leaving Indonesia in 2022:

Toyota Corolla Cross

In first place is the Toyota Corolla Cross. However, what must be said to leave the country is the petrol version. Based on data from wholesalers Gaikindo, this year there will no longer be Corolla Cross gasoline being distributed to dealers.

The petrol Toyota Corolla Cross was last distributed in August 2021. Due to lack of sales, the petrol version of the Toyota Corolla Cross was forced to leave the country and now sales are focused on the hybrid version.

Next there is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Since it was first paved in 2019, sales of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross have continued to decline. Most distribution only occurs at launch.

After that, for three years the figure continued to decline. Even throughout 2021 only 172 units were distributed. And in 2022, the SUV-type car must leave the country’s car market.

Toyota C-HR

The C-HR model was also forced to be euthanized by Toyota. And again, this applies to the gasoline version. Since enlivening the Indonesian SUV market in 2018, sales of the gasoline Toyota C-HR have continued to decline.

Wholesales Gaikindo data noted that in 2022, not a single petrol version of the Toyota C-HR was distributed to Toyota dealers. Sales only focus on the hybrid version.

Honda Odyssey

Not only the three car models above, the Honda Odyssey is also starting to be injected in 2022. Even the name Odyssey itself is no longer on the official Honda Indonesia website.

This car has very few fans. The last time the Honda Odyssey was distributed was in January 2022 and that was only 5 units. It was reported that the factory where the Odyssey was produced was also closed.



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