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‘I accidentally sent nudes for OnlyFans to my strict religious parents’

Holly Wolf is a YouTuber and OnlyFans model who also makes money from sharing nude gardening snaps online. She has now recalled an awkward encounter with her ex-Mormon parents

An OnlyFans model has opened up about her unusual upbringing, where she grew up Mormon before selling nude snaps online.
Holly Wolf is a Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model and uses her love of dressing up as a way of earning money by selling racy pictures and videos online.

The adult model has also used her platform to indulge her love of gardening and revealed that she often receives fruit and vegetable-based sexual innuendos from fans.

She grew up in a strict Mormon community but, after leaving, revealed to the Inside OnlyFans podcast about one awkward encounter with her parents.

“My iPhone was hooked up to my iPad that I recently gave to my parents, and I was taking some nude photos in the bath,” she explained.

“My sister messages me, she’s like, ‘hey, you might want to unlink your iPhone from your iPad because we’re just getting a lot of photos right now’.”

Delving more into her background, Holly explained how she used to live in an “earthship” in Canada when she was in the Mormon community.

“It’s made out of old recycled materials like pop cans and tyres… we were the fourth in my province to build one so it was all over the news.

“It’s basically a hobbit house like from Lord of the Rings. It’s underground, and it’s got beautiful domed cement ceilings, and it runs off solar power and wind power.”

Holly admitted that her parents were not as strict as some of the group’s members but her life was still different from others her age – not even being allowed to have coffee as a teenager.

But, as a theatre kid, Holly revealed that she soon began to question the strict beliefs, noting: “I had to be backstage stripping down really quickly, and putting on clothes because you had to be back on stage for a new scene.

“And I was in dance class, and ballet and used to just being in my body, and I was just quick to be like, ‘why is this a bad thing to be revealing… why do I have to cover my shoulders? It’s dumb’.”

And the model’s rejection of religion was confirmed when she discovered her dad drinking a beer.

“Hilariously enough, my whole family now is not Mormon. My dad finally decided and came around that he wasn’t about it anymore, and I caught him drinking a beer one day,” she added.

“I was like, ‘what are you doing? I’ve spent like 30 years of my life being told off for drinking alcohol, and he was just like, ‘hmm this is great’.”

Holly is hugely popular online, with over 660,000 subscribers, but she admitted that she is still wary of sharing too much of her work with her parents.

“I show them my cosplays and I show them some sexier stuff that I’m really proud of, but I try not to.”

“I remember when my mum found the first Playboy pictorial that I did, she was like, ‘is everything okay? Do you need money?’,” she laughed.

“They know I pose nude and that I do a lot of sexy stuff and I’ve been open, but I wouldn’t say 100%. I’m not trying to get them that involved in my life.



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