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‘I upset parents by choosing OnlyFans over uni aged 18 – but made £30k in one month’

EXCLUSIVE: Becky Hill was known in her hometown of Devon as being the girl who does OnlyFans after she decided to become a racy model instead of studying at university

After leaving school, thousands of youngsters across the UK will continue their education by going to university.

And for Becky Hill, that traditional path was a strong possibility too.

Aged 18, she even visited different campuses, having a keen interest in the creative arts and the world of fashion and textiles.

But she then “shocked” her parents when she decided to join OnlyFans instead – before later pocketing £30,000 in a single month.

Becky, who is from Devon and is now 22, has been on the saucy platform for three years – and she has spoken publicly for the first time about her decision to become a sex worker.

She told the Daily Star: “I realised there was a lot more money to be made this way and I knew if I went into art I would be in debt.

“There is also a really creative side to OnlyFans which I’ve enjoyed, and the self expression side made me want to do it.

“The only thing worrying for me really was what my parents would think and my little sister and we fell out over it which wasn’t good.”

She continued: “I got a lot of bad attention from it and in my area I got known as Becky who does OnlyFans. I’m still known as that and I just live with it. It’s quite funny.

“I wasn’t worried about choosing OnlyFans over university at all really, you just have to own it. For me I’m the kind of person who can take it on the chin.

“It’s like getting big on social media, there will be downsides and people will pick you apart but I just tell myself they are jealous and they wish they could do it so it doesn’t affect me.

“It’s quite a powerful thing if you take control.”

Becky experienced an influx of followers and cash quickly and she saved enough money to start renting with her boyfriend.

Earning £30,000 in a single month was a particular highlight but her income often varies.

Despite the eye-watering amounts of money, Becky gave a candid response to some of the downsides.

“My job can be quite lonely,” she admitted. “It’s just me and my boyfriend. I have thought about working in a shop or being a barmaid again on the side just to meet people.

“But I don’t think I could do a proper 9-5 now and work for someone else. It would make me depressed.

“I’m not going to lie, sometimes I do go back on myself and think what if I did go to uni and do things differently, would I be happier?

“But I need to be grateful that I can do this. It’s not all about the money but I’ve had lots of opportunities and I do have a really nice life. If anything this is setting me up for the future and I need to take more advantage of that to be honest.”

She also said it could be a mentally draining job rather than a physical one.

Becky then described how she has to dress up and put makeup on every day, just to be ready to constantly take pictures and videos of herself.

“You need to feel good about yourself to do that so if I’m not in that state of mind I’m just not going to work, so it can be demanding,” she said. “We are all human and I’m not a robot.”

Animal lover Becky has splashed out £2,500 on two hairless cats and she’s also treated herself to crystals and expensive plants.

And her financial success has helped her to show her family that her decision was justified.

Becky concluded: “They are more accepting now. My grandparents know too and they think as long as I’m happy they are ok about it.”

And she laughed: “My mum definitely lies to a few of her friends about what I do. She might be a little bit embarrassed because my parents are quite traditional, especially my mum. It was a massive shock to start with.

“But as soon as I turned it into a business and told my dad it was a business they have helped me and shown me how to manage my money and they just want me to look after myself.”



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