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The Legrand circle of relatives, the celebrities of their eyes

The Legrand circle of relatives: Esteban, Matteo, Sebastian, Melanie and Claudine


Bellegarde-en-Marche, in Creuse

When did you arrive in Bern?

Monday 11 July

What number of days will you keep?

Six days in general, we go away day after today.

What are you making plans to seek advice from?

We noticed the Bathram Caves and the Stations of the Move at Listel Bathram…neatly, the half-stations of the Move as a result of they had been beneath building. An area advised us tips on how to get to the highest by means of automobile and it stored our stroll!

Why did you select Bearn?

We have now a pal who lives right here and we come to seek advice from her frequently. Then the Pyrenees, it is a mountain vary we adore, particularly for the mythical trails of the Excursion de France.

Have you learnt Bearn ahead of?

Sure, we got here as soon as six years in the past.

Are you additionally going to the Basque Nation?

No longer this time! However we now have been there ahead of.

How do you pass judgement on the reception of tourism and native pros?

Rather well ! Persons are very pleasant, once they see that you’re misplaced, they don’t hesitate to return spontaneously to provide their assist.

What did you experience maximum about your visits?

Gastronomy! We ate in point of fact neatly at Poulet à trois pattes in Pau. The Bathram Caves had been superb, and the youngsters had stars of their eyes. Ah, superb fireworks on July 14th!

And the least?

the warmth ! And the mosquitoes that wolfed us.

Will you go back to Bearn someday?

sure !

Are you able to identify two well-known Bearnais?



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