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The Real Goal of Marcel the Red Magician, Dare to Reveal Gus Samsudin’s Deception

-The Real Goal of Marcel the Red Magician, Dare to Reveal Gus Samsudin’s Deception

Jakarta – Marcel the red magician has become a hot topic on social media after he loudly exposed Gus Samsudin ’s magic trick . Present on Deddy Corbuzier ’s podcast , the red magician bravely exposed Gus Samsudin’s magic trick. A red magician with an eccentric appearance with dyed red hair that matches his red outfit. Marcel the red magician revealed to Deddy Corbuzier that the purpose of his act of dismantling the magic was to inform and educate the Indonesian people that it was just a trick. The figure of a red magician is increasingly in the spotlight after being invited by Deddy Corbuzier in a podcast uploaded to his Youtube channel on Saturday (30/7/2022). Red Magician or Marcel bluntly reveals the tricks of a shaman under the guise of a religion named Gus Samsudin Marcel or the red magician appears as a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. A video uploaded by Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel shows a red magician outspoken in front of Deddy Corbuzier unraveling the magic tricks of shamans or psychics .

Marcel himself often refers to himself as a shaman or psychic charmer . From the video footage uploaded by Deddy Corbuzier, a red magician is seen showing off a dagger which he calls a lightning dagger. ¨This is a lightning dagger, if the shaman says it is for cleaning,¨ said the red magician while demonstrating as if the dagger had a certain power. “The shaman usually uses a button that has a button, to cover the button it is tied with a white cloth, so that the charger is closed too,” he said with a laugh. The Red Magician’s Goal to Uncover Gus Samsudin ’s Tricks Next, Deddy Corbuzier asked about the red magician who was making a fuss with Gus Samsudin, the owner of the spiritual medicine hermitage , Nur Dzat Sejati , who was suspected of being a dukun under the guise of religion. The Padepokan itself is known to be located in Rejowinangun Village, Blitar Regency , East Java . “Initially, the first time I revealed the contents of the shaman’s secrets, one of which I unpacked was this trick from Mas Udin, which he burned tissue without fire,” said the red magician.

If a magician is practicing, oh, that trick is a lie, but if you wear a turban and wear religious clothes, you will consider it knowledge,” he continued. “What is the purpose of him playing, he said?” asked Deddy Corbuzier. “For house cleaning,” replied Marcel aka the red magician. The red magician revealed to Deddy Corbuzier that the purpose of his act of dismantling the magic was to inform and educate the Indonesian people that it was just a trick. Then who is the real figure behind the red magician? The red magician’s real name is Marcel Radhival. He is a young man born on August 26, 1996 in Tangerang, Banten. Marcel is known to embrace Islam and has an older brother who is an ustaz.……../deception

Marcel is currently 26 years old and still in college. At first, Marcel knew the world of magic, namely from a hobby. He even joined the Tangerang Hypnotist Community to explore and hone his skills in magic. His hobby has now led him to become a viral content creator and has been invited to Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast as a guest star. Gus Samsudin Challenges Red Magician It is known, after the viral content of unloading magic tricks by the red magician, Gus Samsudin then challenged Marcel the red magician to come to the spiritual medicine hermitage of Nur Dzat Sejati. For the sake of proof, the red magician agreed to come. However, when he was approached, it turned out that Gus Samsudin’s lawyer was already waiting. “I went yesterday, when I arrived, it turned out that when I arrived in front of the hermitage, I was blocked by his lawyer,” concluded the red magician.

Not only that, it turned out that the local village chief was also present at that time. The arrival of the red magician at the spiritual medicine hermitage of Nur Dzat Sejati ended in a riot. Marcel admitted that he had been asked for an ID card for unclear reasons, the article was that he only stopped by for a moment at the hermitage. In addition, the red magician admitted that he was almost punched by a man who was known to be the driver of Gus Samsudin. “Well, when I asked what the ID card was for, suddenly someone wanted to punch me from behind,” said the red magician. Deddy Corbuzier then asked who the person who wanted to punch him was. “I got info, if I’m not mistaken the driver is Mas Udin,” continued the red messenger.

-About the Red Magician VS Gus Samsudin, Gus Fahrur: People Don’t Believe in the Practice of Shamans

The issue of the Red Magician and Gus Samsudin made the Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) remind the public not to believe in shamans.

The Red Magician or Marcel Radhival previously visited Gus Samsudin ’s hermitage, Nur Dzat Sejati Padepokan in Rejowinangun Village, Kademangan, Blitar, East Java to uncover all of Gus Samsudin ’s treatment tricks .

In response to this, the Chairman of the NU Executive Board for Religious Affairs, KH Ahmad Fahrur Rozi or Gus Fahrur , asked the public not to believe in shamanism.

Gus Fahrur forbade Muslims to regard shamans as kiai.

“We have to be selective. We are sometimes called upon, that’s wrong. Don’t think of shamans,” he said, Tuesday (2/8/2022), quoted from

According to him, people need to know that karomah is not on sale.

He also emphasized that the karomah given to a kiai is different from the tricks issued by the shaman.

The Karamah, he continued, was not intended for commercial purposes.

“Karamah is given to a guardian, a lover of Allah, not for sale, not for commercial or content. (For a shaman) it is a trick, magic, or magic,” said Gus Fahrur .

A person’s karma can be seen and proven not from the oddities he does, but from knowledge and deeds

While the kiai who have karomah are those who follow the sunnah and the Shari’a.

The Prophet taught prayer and kindness, so Gus Fahrur emphasized that people should not be deceived by shamanic practices.

Currently, Gus Samsudin ’s hermitage is closely guarded for 24 hours by the police.

The Head of the Public Relations Section of the Blitar Police, Iptu Udiyono, said the guarding by police personnel was intended to avoid the possibility of anarchic actions.

“The Blitar Police have sent a platoon of members to guard the hermitage. This guard will be carried out until further mediation is being pursued by the Blitar Police Chief,” said Udioyono, Monday (1/8/2022).

However, Udiyono was reluctant to explain further regarding the mediation effort and asked reporters to directly ask Blitar Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner, Adhitya Panji Anom.

Information related to the results of the mediation will be published to the public when it is completed.–2022/c/kXc51BtpD0o–2022/c/XHHmTTh31mU

Previously, it was reported that Gus Samsudin ’s hermitage was raided by residents of Rejowinangun Village on Sunday (31/7/2022).

They demanded that the hermitage be closed, after the feud between Gus Samsudin and Magician Red .

Initially, Red Magician came to Gus Samsudin ’s hermitage to reveal his magic tricks which were considered deceptive.

It is known, both of them are active on the YouTube application, Red Magician shares content about magic tricks and Gus Samsudin about treatment tricks.

When the Red Magician came to Gus Samsudin , there was tension between the supporters of both parties, but the local residents and the village officials managed to resolve it.

However, the commotion continues on social media.

Residents who came to visit the hermitage asked for the hermitage to be closed after they doubted Gus Samsudin ’s supernatural abilities and his medical abilities, which were judged to be just a trick.



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